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OCFireworks does not guarantee any delivery dates. The dates below are estimations/recommendations based on our experience this season with how freight has been moving. These dates are not guarantees.

The buyer is assuming all risk and understands their freight may not arrive before the 4th of July. No returns or refunds will be issued for freight that does not arrive “on time.” 

Once your order has left our warehouse and your tracking is live please direct all questions about delivery dates and timelines to the carrier that has your shipment.

YRC Freight 800-610-6500

R&L Carriers 800-543-5589

Saia Freight 800-765-7242

UPS Ground 800-742-5877

Estes Freight 866-378-3748

Old Dominion Freight 800-235-5569

Moran Transport 800-716-6787

Xpo Logistics 800-742-5976

Shipping Recommendations

Zone 5: Washington June 17th @1am EST

Zone 4: Montana, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, and Arizona June 20th @1am EST

Zone3: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and West Texas June 22nd @11pm EST

Zone 3: Central-East Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota June 23rd @11pm EST

Zone 2: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, N + S Carolina June 23rd @11pm EST

Zone 1: Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee June 24th @1am EST

Zone 2: West Virginia, Virginia, and Pennsylvania June 27th @5am EST

Zone 1: Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan June 27th @5am EST


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